FFOR believe in beautiful hair, and want to give you professional salon products that care for your hair. All products are free from anything harsh or harmful, you won’t find parabens, sulfates or mineral oils in any of the products.

Living by 3 simple rules:


Environmentally aware.  Transparent and truthful. 100% vegan and cruelty free. Ethically sourced ingredients in fully recyclable bottles, jars and tubes, made from PCR materials.


FFOR believe in natural beauty - supportive of beauty without stereotypes.  Believing in beautiful hair, in, offering formulas that care for hair and support self-expression.


FFOR are commited to making sure that the ingredients in their products are as naturally derived as possible.  FFOR do everything they can to be as environmentally, ethically, morally and sustainable responsible as it's possible to be.

Great hair without disrespecting the planet.

Naturally & Ethically Sourced Ingredients


Natural Ingredients

FFOR believe in beautiful hair and want to give you formulas that care for your hair. 

Only using the best natural ingredients in the products and have made themselves a promise to only work with suppliers who can provide verified information about their sourcing, and who share the FFOR values.

FFOR believe in great hair without disrespecting the planet which is why they are open about what ingredients are used in the products, and why.


Natural Fragrances 

FFOR are free from synthetic fragrances.

Only using scents that are created from 100% natural ingredients from trusted suppliers. For the range of enriching hair care, there are six natural fragrances including True Soft Woods, True Winterfeeling, Orange Spice, Peppermint Remedy, Bergamot & Black Pepper and Fennel Tea.  Everyone at FFØR HQ have tried, tested and loved them!

Sustainable Packaging


FFOR's Commitment

Plan Bee

FFOR believe that supporting our environment starts at our own front door.

That’s why they are working with Plan Bee, who have given them the chance to adopt two bee colonies that they look after on site at FFØR HQ!

This means FFOR are supporting 100,000 new pollinators and doing their bit to halt the global decline of the honeybee, who are crucial to our ecosystem and keep our planet spinning.

In addition, FFOR have created their very own wildflower meadow that will provide them with the habitat they so crucially need.

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 12.21.57.png

Making a B-Line

By planting our wildflower meadow, FFOR are making a direct contribution to the B-Lines Initiative, a UK wide network of linear pathways developed by Buglife.

These pathways run through our countryside and towns up and down the country, and are crucial in helping to give our insect pollinators the space they need to move around more easily.

Buglife are a dedicated organisation, whose goal is to end the worrying decline in pollinator species across the UK and to enhance their natural habitats. Bees, butterflies and hoverflies have all suffered badly over the last few decades due to changes in land use and as a result of modern farming methods, urban spread and new transport links.

So by planting their own wildflower meadow, they are helping the B-Lines Initiative aims to substantially increase the area of permanent wildflower-rich habitats in the UK, and in turn are supporting other insect pollinators and our wildlife.


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