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AFLOAT 7:3 Cut-Comb Black

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Afloat 7.3 cutting combs- the next generation of combs. 


New, innovative cutting comb collection with five colours to choose from! 


Innovative Cutting Combs made from a combination of polyacetal resin, silicon, and graphite showing superiority for: 

  • High quality 
  • Good heat resistance 
  • Chemical resistance 
  • Hair parting and blocking can be achieved swiftly by using the corner (or edge) of the comb
  • The feature that makes this comb innovative is the technical research combined with the predominant use of the 70% part wide tooth comb and 30% part fine tooth comb
  • Cutting can be accomplished smoothly due to using the ratio of 70% wide-tooth (for cutting):30% fine-tooth (for finishing)