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The Delux Styling Kit 

Whats included...



A Tail Comb like no other - Lorna creates tools that solve problems to make things easier.

Made of high grade carbon fibre, the BIGtail is almost unbreakable.

In fact if you break it send it back and we will replace it within 1 year of purchase.

The BIGtail is designed to glide through the thickest of hair making Styling and colour work a dream.

Use the BIGtail for the thick long work and a fine carbon comb for the finishing touches.



The Curve comb is ideal for the perfect fast directional blow dry.

The curve in the comb follows the shape of the head and allows it to take a large amount of hair in one go.

Not only is it fast but it will take away all the lumps and bumps.

The Curve comb will help you create the perfect fingerwaves.


Kingpin (designed by Lorna Evans)

Double action hair pin, less pins, more hold... 


The Kingpin is uniquely designed by Lorna to hold even the longest and thickest of hair in place, eliminating the need for excessive pinning.

This double-action pin is easy to use, lightweight and will secure your hair for hours on end.


The bottom deck captures your hair like a traditional pin to create your desired look. 

The strong bottom deck then holds the hair in place, securing your style.


Bungeetape (Black or Clear)

Bungeetape is the latest in hair tie technology that secures your style without bands, hooks or knots. You simply wrap bungeetape around the hair and once the ends overlap they instantly form a permanent hold without any form of adhesive. As bungeetape can only bond to itself, it wont stick to the hair or the stylist! It's super fast to apply and even faster to remove with zero hair damage or kinks.

Using bungeetape is very simple and with a little experience, you'll be creating styles that were never possible before. Ensure you REMOVE the protective film before use. Cut the ends to an arrow shape for a clean finish. Can be used on wet or dry hair, with or without product. It typically stretches 4X+ it's cut length so use less than other products (e.g. 5cm or 2" will suit a standard sized ponytail).


FiMi Fine Mist Spray Bottle

Just one pull of the trigger creates a steady flow of mist eleminating the need to   continuously pump. 

• 50% Longer spray than other bottles
• Polished, beautiful and durable 
• High precision, high pressure nozzle 
• Superfine mist and continuous injection

• 300ml capacity 

• Gloss white


Super Single Curl Clip Pins

Super Single Curl Clip Pins in an assorted colour pack of 24. The perfect setting clip, giving a secure hold and leaving no trace once removed. Incredible for holding crepe paper in place or simply keeping hair off the face during makeup application!