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Paper Not Foil - 13cm x 40cm - 250pcs

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Paper Not Foil is an eco-friendly alternative to using traditional foil for colouring hair. It is the first product of its kind, transforming ground-down industrial waste into reusable paper strips which are perfect for hair colour application.


What else makes Paper Not Foil so special? Well, every strip is:


  • Made using 96% less energy than foil
  • Biodegradable in landfills without producing toxic waste
  • Washable and can be reused for a second time
  • Produced without using water, acid or bleach in its manufacturing process
  • Fully recyclable after use
  • Waste free – it is produced from waste materials and any reject paper is recycled into new paper!


To use Paper Not Foil, you simply follow these steps:


  1. Cut the paper down to the required size
  2. Section the hair and position the paper the same way you would with a foil
  3. Apply the colour and fold the paper in half to process
  4. When removing, the papers easily glide out either before or during the hair wash
  5. Once used, wash the paper strips by hand or in the washing machine with a few towels
  6. Pat or air dry to use again.


The strips can be reused once after washing, but as they are completely recyclable, there’s no guilt in using fresh strips after every use if you need to.


  • Recyclable
  • Reuseable
  • Eco-friendly 
  • (13cm x 40cm) 250 sheets