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The Essential

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The Essential Styling Kit 

Everything you need to get started!



A Tail Comb like no other - Lorna creates tools that solve problems to make things easier.

Made of high grade carbon fibre, the BIGtail is almost unbreakable.

In fact if you break it send it back and we will replace it within 1 year of purchase.

The BIGtail is designed to glide through the thickest of hair making Styling and colour work a dream.

Use the BIGtail for the thick long work and a fine carbon comb for the finishing touches.



The Curve comb is ideal for the perfect fast directional blow dry.

The curve in the comb follows the shape of the head and allows it to take a large amount of hair in one go.

Not only is it fast but it will take away all the lumps and bumps.

The Curve comb will help you create the perfect fingerwaves.


Hair Bungee Silicon the Worlds First Silicon Hair Tie

Unlike regular hair elastics that are shaped in a ring, Hair Bungee® is a single piece of specialised silicon with special hooks on both ends. 

Hair Bungee lets wrap & unwrap hair without pulling or tugging.


FiMi Fine Mist Spray Bottle

Just one pull of the trigger creates a steady flow of mist eleminating the need to   continuously pump. 

• 50% Longer spray than other bottles
• Polished, beautiful and durable 
• High precision, high pressure nozzle 
• Superfine mist and continuous injection

• 300ml capacity 

• Gloss white


Storage Bag

Storage Bags are a great way to keep all you styling tools and kit neat and tidy. These bags are clear so you can see whats inside without needing to empty everything out and are fully wipeable so you can clean up any spills. 

Dimentions 25cm x 18cm x 6cm