Let us help you find your perfect match this Valentine’s...

Let us help you find your perfect match this Valentine’s...

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s time to get serious about finding the products which are a perfect match for you, or the perfect gift for the special person in your life.

We have got you covered from powders and sprays to brushes and hair tapes. Among our products and Valentine’s offers you’ll find luxurious hair styling products and tools from KYK Hair Care, Nishida, Tape:it.  Hair product for every hair type and texture, all for you to create Instagram-worthy hair.

We’ve bundled up our favourites and included discounts for yourselves as our Valentine’s gift to you!

So without further ado, here are our Valentine’s Offers to give, to purchase yourself, or give that subtle hint and receive this Valentine’s Day.

The Ultimate Gift includes the following items:

KYK Hair Ultimate Gift

x1 KYK Hair Magic Dust Volume Powder

The first of its kind globally. A 20 gram volume powder in a pump bottle. Magic dust offers professional salon quality results and is perfect for all hair types.

Its unique watermelon scent will leave you feeling fresh and mesmerised. This powder helps take styling to the next level and speaks volumes. If your hair is limp, thin, flat and needs a boost then this is for you. 

x1 KYK Hair Mist-Ique

A mist so unique, Mist-Ique is developed with a triple threat function. Protect, Polish and Perfect

A heat protector that will shield the hair shaft for up to 230 degrees (446 F) while also functioning as a light weight oil spray. It is a multipurpose shine mist. Add a little spritz for gloss to your styling or plenty for that wet look. Rejuvenate the health of your hair with MIST-IQUE through its revolutionary 8 in 1 formula.

x1 KYK Hair Snatch Me Brush

SNATCH ME brush will help smooth out your hair with its mixed bristle feature of natural boar and nylon pins. Forget about bumps when sleeking back your hair. 

It has a “Porcupine” pattern with boar bristles and extended nylon pins, the benefit of the nylon pins is its ability to massage and stimulate the scalp to help encourage hair growth and scalp health. It also feels amazing against the scalp while stroking the hair.

x1 KYK Hair Triple Teaser Comb (Black or Red)

Always wanted to TEASE like a pro?  The KYK TRIPLE TEASER will take your backcombing to new heights instantly with its triple bristle feature. 

This feature will tease three times as much, speeding up your styling techniques. It is firm, durable, and produces long-lasting volume with its triple teasing power. The pointy handle is designed to achieve perfect sectioning, straight lines and precision when styling.

x1 KYK Hair Stroke Me Comb (Pink or Black)

Need to brush out or maintain your vintage waves and curls? KYK STROKE ME is a wide-tooth comb that will help detangle and achieve the perfect brushed out results. The comb’s thin pointy ends work through the hair strands gently, avoiding breakage or damage. 

The Perfect Duo which includes:

KYK Hair The Perfect Duo Magic Dust

The two KYK Hair Care styling products which are must-haves in your kit:

x1 KYK Hair Magic Dust

x1 KYK Hair Mist-Ique

The Ultimate Pony Combo which includes:

KYK Hair Tape it Ultimate Pony

Everything you need to create the Ultimate Pony:

x1 KYK Hair Magic Dust

x1 KYK Snatch Me Brush

x1 Tape:it Roll


Combs and Brushes

KYK Hair Perfect Comb Combo KYK Hair Snatch Me Brush

If combs and brushes are what you are looking for this Valentine’s then these bundles and discounts may be your perfect match…

Japanese Nishida Grips

Nishida Japanese Hair Grips Pins

If you are looking for the best pins in the world and need to stock up we are giving 20% off the Nishida Hair Pin collections - These Japanese Nishida Grips are the best of the best and are up to 20 time stronger than other hair pins on the market!  They have been like gold dust to many stylists as until now they've not been readily available in the UK!


tape it hair tape offer

The ultimate hair tape, which only bonds to itself without adhesives or tie required.  The latest in hair tie technology that secures your style without bands, hooks, knots or glue.

You simply wrap the tape around the hair and once the ends overlap they instantly form a permanent hold without any form of adhesive. As tape:it can only bond to itself, it won’t damage or stick to the hair and it won’t stick to the stylist!

We know you’ll fall in love with this product and are offering 10% off 2 rolls or 15% off 3 rolls.

So as you can see, here at Pro Styling, we have you covered this Valentine’s, be it treating yourself, treating your styling kit, giving your partner a link to buy you that something special… we’ve got your back!

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Offers Valid until 15th Feb 2023 only.

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