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Olivia Garden - The Best Hairdressing Tools For Professional Salons & Stylists

Get to know our Olivia Garden range of hairdressing tools that serve as a reliable partner for professional hairdressers. Olivia Garden offers professional hair brushes that help you create beautiful hairstyles that you, and your clients are passionate about.

Olivia Garden creates perfect, high-quality, professional hair brushes. From the famous Pro Thermal Brushes to the EcoHair Bamboo Paddle and Radial Collection, the range answers to every hair type and hair desire.


Why choose Olivia Garden tools?

The Olivia Garden Collection is qualitative, sustainable and innovative, made by professionals for professionals. Olivia Garden supports every hairdresser in their passion to create beauty and achieve the result they desire. Anything is possible with these hairdressing tools.

Olivia Garden brushes are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and ability to cater to every hair type.

Whether it’s thick, curly hair or fine, straight hair, there is an Olivia Garden brush that can work for you.

The brushes are made with a variety of materials, such as:

  • boar bristles
  • nylon bristles
  • ionic technology

 These materials work to gently detangle, smooth, and shine the hair.

Our wide range of brushes, from large paddle brushes for detangling and styling to round brushes for volume and curl.

You got it, every type of hair can find happiness! These products are dedicated to styling all the looks you wish for. But more importantly, the goal is to provide you with tools that style as much as it takes good care of your hair!


Explore The Collections & Ranges

ProThermal Brush Collection

In the amazing world of hairdressing it can, sometimes, be a bit stressful to find the right round and best hair brushes for blow drying… and it’s even harder to find the right one at a reasonable price. 

Learn to perfect your art and keep your clients happy with this brush. Your client is in safe hands as the Pro Thermal brush provides great airflow. The vented cap ensures nothing gets overheated near their skin. This essential brush has been designed to help you create great styles so your customers keep coming back. This Pro Thermal brush is an asset to any hairdresser looking for an all-rounder brush.

Here's some of the features:

  • Nylon bristles
  • Aluminium barrel
  • Heat resistant 180°
  • Greater airflow
  • Section pick
  • Ergonomic & lightweight
  • Anti-static

Available in sizes 16mm, 25mm, 33mm, 43mm and 53mm.  These can be purchased individually or in the Olivia Garden Pro Thermal Brush Set.



EcoHair Paddle Collection & Thermal Radial Range

The range of bamboo hairbrushes made of certified eco-friendly bamboo!

What a way to take a further step into the Olivia Garden tools’ game. But more than that, it’s a small step into an eco-conscious way of working in your salon! 

No more talking, it is time to introduce those amazing natural bamboo hairbrushes.  

With both the paddle and thermal radial range made from bamboo, they are stronger, lighter & more durable than wood.  Bamboo is a 100% natural renewable resource.  On top of this using bamboo preserves hardwood forests.

The EcoHair Paddle Range has ionic bristles and a soft cushion that hydrate the cuticle and adds shine, eliminates frizz & flyaways.  The Handcrafted Bamboo Handle is both durable & biodegradable, has a special anti-slip grip combined with an ergonomic handle and being lightweight.


The EcoHair Paddle Detangler is for gentle detangling of wet or dry hair

Special Memory-Flex™ bristles with comfortable ball-point tips.


The EcoHair Paddle Combo has a special blend of ionic & boar bristles for superior styling & daily care on all hair types & extensions.


The EcoHair Paddle Styler has comfortable ball point tips, is both gentle on hair & scalp. Also its suitable for all hair types


EcoHair Thermal Radial

For the EcoHair Thermal Radial Brush Range the Ion Charged Bristles hydrate the cuticle, adds shine and eliminates frizz & flyaways. The ceramic coated barrel heats up faster and retains heat longer giving you faster, gentler & much more superior styling. The handcrafted bamboo handle is designed with the easy-to-rotate ergonomic handle with the engraved neck. It is durable & biodegradable with special anti-slip grip whilst being lightweight.


The EcoHair Thermal Collection Radial range is available in 24mm, 34mm, 44mm and 54mm.

So take a look and explore the Olivia Garden Collection to find your perfect brush... 




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