We have some exiting news... We are proud to say that we have partnered with award-winning UK Bridal Hair Stylist and Educator Hannah Taylor.

Whether it's bouncy curls, hollywood waves, boho updo's or perfect bridal styles, Hannah has got you covered. When it became apparent that Hannah was using and loving and promoting all of our hair products and tools, it became apparent that we needed to partner up! Working with Hannah was a very easy decision for us to make and we couldn't be both happier or prouder.

As part of our partnership we now have available to purchase  the Pro Styling X Hannah Taylor exclusive hair styling kit with the holy grail hair products that she uses to create her amazing styles and products she couldn't live without. Want to know whats in the styling kit?  Take a look by clicking here.
Hannah's online and in-salon workshops are amongst the best of the best. 

If you become a member of Hannah's online education, for the rest of your career in bridal hair you will have access to everything you can think of, in depth tutorials on all hair types meaning you can take the guess work and anxiety out of styling hair. All of Hannah's tutorials are in depth and explain every stage so you completely understand the process making it easy to re create whatever you get asked for.  You have access to all content for life, and get automatic access to added content, meaning you will never stop learning.


It's Easy When You Know How!

Have you ever:

  • Had a bride who has asked for a style you have no idea how to re create?
  • Spent ages worrying and getting yourself worked up and feeling pressured?

Instead imagine being able to watch that hairstyle from start to finish, on the hair type of your client so you feel prepared.

Hannah's online education platform provides a safety blanket for all hairstylists so you no longer need to panic. Another bonus, you also have support from Hannah whenever you need to ask anything she will always be there on hand to help!

What's included in Hannah's course?

With lifetime access to all content, including new content, being able to watch over and over with no limits, access to the members only Facebook group where  monthly competitions and live sessions are run, get advice from Hannah whenever you need it, all for a one off payment and no payment ever again, can you really afford not to join?

Tools & Products

Hannah will show you her 'go to' products and tools so you don't have to carry a million things around with you that you don't need!

Breaking Down A Hairstyle

In-depth video tutorials for how to create every style with any hair-type, and the preparation necessary to save valuable time.

Learn Hannah's Signature Styles

Learn my signature styles and most popular requests with in-depth videos & plenty of close-ups, so you won’t struggle when having a go yourself!

Photography & Editing

Hannah will show you exactly how she take and edit my photos, to make your photos perfect for Instagram and help you gain more followers and traction.

Receive Hannah's Feedback

Submit your beautiful results to Hannah who will provide you with personalised constructive feedback to help you fully master each technique.

Become Hannah Taylor Approved

Upon successful completion & approval of the course you will receive Hannah's certificate confirming that you are a Hannah Taylor approved hair stylist!


The three easy steps to creating any hair style with confidence

1. Purchase Hannah's online course by clicking here

You will receive your log-in details for lifetime access.

2. Study at your own pace.

Save your progress and complete when it suits you.

3. Always style with confidence

With exclusive access to lifetime support.

So what are you waiting for... take a look at the exclusive Pro Styling X Hannah Taylor Styling Kit and explore Hannah's online courses.



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