We've Won An Award - Best Salon Supplier 2024

We've Won An Award - Best Salon Supplier 2024

We are deeply honoured to receive the award for Best Salon Supplier 2024 with Lux Life. 

Since starting the business in 2018 in our spare room, this recognition reflects the hard work, dedication, and passion that our entire team invests in delivering top-quality products and innovative solutions for our valued clients.

Our mission is to empower all hair stylist professionals with the best products and services. From the beginning, we aimed to create a comprehensive selection of salon essentials, products, tools and more, that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers. Our journey has been driven by a commitment to excellence, and this award reaffirms that we are on the right path.

This dedication has been a cornerstone of our success and will continue to be so. From the development and manufacture of our own product lines, tape:it, weave:it and thread:it to the extensive research and testing for the best professional-grade styling products and tools from around the world.

Customer satisfaction drives everything we do. From the moment an order is placed to its delivery, we aim to provide an exceptional experience. Our customer service team works tirelessly to ensure every interaction is positive and every need is met promptly and efficiently. This award reflects their dedication as much as it does the quality of our products.

I would also like to thank everyone who has supported us along the way. Your trust and support have been instrumental in our journey, and we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve you. We remain committed to being a partner you can rely on, delivering the products and support that you need to thrive in this dynamic industry.

This award is a milestone in Pro Styling’s journey, but it also reminds us that our work is far from done. We will continue to innovate, educate, and provide the exceptional products and service our clients have come to expect.

Thank you for this incredible award and here’s to the continued success and growth of our industry. 

Here's a link to our winner's listing - https://www.lux-review.com/winners/pro-styling/ 

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