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Why You Should Trade in Your Basic Hair Bobble for a Hair Bungee

Admit it: Your dependency on hair bobbles started long ago, when you first gravitated toward the looped version with pink plastic balls, and has lasted until, well, now. If there's not one in your kit bag, look down and there's probably one on your wrist or in your jacket pocket.
Though long-standing, our relationship with hair bobbles is a fickle one. How many times have you not had enough slack to properly secure a ponytail? Or felt that painful SNAP when you tried to loop it around one more time? We could go on and on about the struggles, but instead, we want to introduce you to an alternative: the hair bungee.
Over the past few seasons, we've seen many top hairstylists using hair bungees.  Jay Birmingham, Celebrity Hair Stylist, is known for loving our hair bungees and swears by them when creating his styles.
Hair Bungee Hair Bungees  HairBungee
Well, fear no more, the hooks are your friends. The hair bungee is your dream tool if you're looking to achieve a sleek style that won't budge. And it's a lot easier to use than it looks — its only downside, as far as we can tell, is that it can't really live on your wrist.
Bungees have a hook on each end, but contrary to what you might gather at first glance, they are not meant to be hooked together, but onto your hair (more on how to do that later). The hooking system allows for you to completely control the tension of the hair and make your style as tight (or loose) as you want. The hair bungee is a tool that offers many more options than a regular elastic, the main benefit is you can have more tension. With an elastic, you’re limited to the rotations you're able to do, but with a bungee you can wrap it exactly how [many times] you need it.
It's also better for your hair — tying it with a traditional elastic can cause breakage, but with a bungee, there's less chance of damage. The hair bungee works on wet hair, dry hair and pretty much all hair types — it's especially helpful for those with thick or coarse strands.
So, how do you use hair bungees?
Whilst, professional hair stylists are huge fans of the bungee band, for many, using them is rare and employing them correctly remains a mystery. But this tool is one of the most effective accessories when it comes to tying up hair.
The hair bungee looks like a normal hair band, except that the two ends don’t meet and are instead fitted with little hooks.  It is primarily used for ponytails, a chignon bun, and a lot of bridal hair styles but the uses of the bungee are not limited.
The bungee band can be used on wet or dry hair, in either case it does not damage the hair.
To put it in place correctly, take the hair you want to tie up, insert one hook into the base of your ponytail then wrap it round, holding the ponytail in place with your thumb. Once the band is nice and tight, insert the second hook into the base of the ponytail.  Make sure the hooks are hidden under the ponytail or use an accessory or a piece of hair to cover them up, if you wish.
Our Hair Bungees are from Damian Monzillo – Hair Pins by Damian Monzillo.  As with all our products, we can assure you these are the best.  They’re available in many blonde, brown, black and varying sizes of 10cm, 20cm and 30cm. You’ll have no problem finding one to match your hair colour.  Take a look at the collection by clicking here.
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