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Hair Bungee Silicon - Brown

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HairBungee (Hair Bungee) Silicon the Worlds First Silicon Hair Tie ... 

•    New micro hook for the ULTIMATE HOLD

•    Lower profile for comfort

•    Award winning design

•    Less tension required. No hair damage

•    Glides from the hair when released

•    Will not tear, tangle or matt the hair

•    Perfect for thin or thick hair

•    Hygienic and instant drying

•    Remains positioned until released


For over 10 years Hair Bungee® has been the #1 choice for professional stylists around the world for editorial, session and salon styling and it's now available online for our customers.

Unlike regular hair elastics that are shaped in a ring, Hair Bungee® is a single piece of specialised silicon with special hooks on both ends. 

Hair Bungee lets you wrap & unwrap your hair without pulling or tugging; just one of the many reasons why it is favoured among celebrities, global fashion weeks and fast paced runway events.