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KYK HAIR - Tame Me - Smoothing Wand

KYK HAIR - Tame Me - Smoothing Wand

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Does your hair look wild at times?

Tame me will SMOOTH DOWN those stubborn baby hairs and flyaways in seconds with the stroke of a wand.

Get sleek ponytails, clean buns and tidy brows.

Tame me is a strong hold formula to last all day, with a natural finished look.


for your hairline and brows; enriched with extracts

Ginseng | Aloe Vera | Polygonum

20ML (Largest Smoothing Wand on the Market) 

How To Use 

  1. Twist the lid and scrap off excess product before applying. 
  2. For your hairline, use one hand to hold the applicator and apply, while using the fingers of your other hand to smooth down the hair after you apply. 
  3. Don’t brush all the way back to your ponytail, shorter strokes prevent the brush getting stuck in between the hair. Don’t push down too hard when applying just glide it smoothly. 
  4. For brows simply, stroke the brush in the direction you want your brow hairs to sit. Apply daily on brows to see hair growth increase over time.

Can Tame Me be used on wet hair also?

Yes it is suitable for both wet and dry hair 

Can I brush my hair the next day after using Tame Me? 

Yes even though it’s a strong hold formula. It leaves the hair looking natural again once brushed out. No crunch or stiffness. 

Can this be used for males and females? 

Yes absolutely, it’s a unisex formula, suitable for all genders.

Will it make my hair look stiff like hairspray?

No, it doesn’t have a stiffness to it. It can be brushed and styled with a natural look to it.

How long does a bottle last?

It depends on how often you are using it and in what areas you are using it for.

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