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tape:it - Yellow

tape:it - Yellow

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tape:it is the ultimate hair tape, which only bonds to itself without adhesives or tie required.  The latest in hair tie technology that secures your style without bands, hooks or knots.

You simply wrap the tape around the hair and once the ends overlap they instantly form a permanent hold without any form of adhesive. As tape:it can only bond to itself, it wont stick to the hair or the stylist!

It's extremely fast to apply and easy to remove with zero hair damage or kinks.

Using tape:it is very simple and with a little experience, you'll be creating styles that were never possible before. 

How to use tape:it
Simply cut the tape to the desired length, cut the ends to an arrow shape for a clean finish. Remove the protective film and start wrapping the tape whilst holding one end with the index finger under the base of ponytail, do not lose tension until the tape reaches a full circle and bonds to itself firmly. 

tape:it can be used on wet or dry hair, with or without product. It typically stretches 4X+ it's cut length so use less than other products (e.g. 5cm or 2" will suit a standard sized ponytail).

Roll Length: 3m

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