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The PING X - ECOHEADS Hair Color Electric Mixer

The PING X - ECOHEADS Hair Color Electric Mixer

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Transform the way you think about mixing color, introducing – The Ping X. The Ping X features ALL-NEW fast charging features, allowing for up to 50% faster charging!  The Ping X now offers a third time function of 120 seconds, specifically for mixing thicker mixtures such as bleaching powders.

  • A third time speed for powder lightener
  • Charging time improved with USB fast charger
  • Two motor speed functions; Normal and Slow
  • Fume-free mixing
  • Up to 30% color saving
  • Up to 20% waste reduction
  • 100% color consistency
  • Includes 4 bowls, 2 blades, 6 brushes, 1 spatula



The Ping X’s set timer ensures a consistent mix every time with better chemical bondage for a smooth application and even distribution.


The Ping X allows you to mix with confidence knowing fumes are kept within the mixer, keeping the color area healthier and odor-free.


The Ping X’s unique design provides more coverage with less product. Reduce color usage by up to 30% and chemical waste by up to 20%.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Susan Dewhurst
Amazing product

Yes it takes a few minutes to sort but I use souch less colour for exactly the same result. Brilliant

Money worth spending

Love the Ping X Mixing much better, it's smoother and already using less product, the consistency of colour is more pliable, Love this gadget
And I already know it will save me ££££ on colour stock
An asset to any salon/mobile stylist

katy mann
The ping x

An amazing product and really produces more colour and less wastage!
Customer service (Mel) was particularly amazing in keeping me updated with when this item was back in stock to when it should arrive.

Mikaela Martin

An Asset to any salon mixing colour